Vintage Fashion Stamps

Vintage Fashion Stamps - student project

Digital stamps are a whole new thing to me, I didn't even know that they existed! But when I look at the small bin of single-use wooden blocks that I have taking up space on my supply shelf, I can definitely see the advantage. I've been creating these coloring sheets for a while to practice my inking and linework so I used the content from the latest one to try making stamps.

The Museum Drawer coloring pages are based on vintage accessories found mostly in the collection of the Costume Museum of Canada (I was a curator there for many years). That month's theme was hair combs and pins. 

I still have difficulty getting smooth lines using my tablet (more practice needed!) so I inked on the page like I usually do rather than pushing through with the transparency technique in the class. I'm going to keep working on that one though.

Got it cleaned up and saved as a PNG file. 

There's a limit of 5 files for digital download on Etsy so I broke the sheet up a little into groups and went with that. They'll accept zip files though so maybe I'll try that another time.

I've also never been really diligent about adding a watermark to my work so it was great to learn a quick method for that!

So these are the stamps listed...

Thank you for the awesome class! I learned so much that I went through all of the coloring pages that I alrady had finished and added them. I'm going to keep adding these, I like them! ;D

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