Used for my Skillshare Class Intro!

Used for my Skillshare Class Intro! - student project

I just published my first Skillshare class on digitizing sketches in Photoshop, and I knew I'd want to use this effect for my intro and outro videos. I was able to retain this information really easily and reproduce the effect many times in After Effects; Jake, you are the man! 

Here's my final intro video

And here's a gif of my outro

And lastly, after being laid off from my job at the beginning of the year, right before moving across the country from Michigan to Arizona, I've had the agonizing task of job hunting. Well, Tuesday night I got an offer from my top contender! So I made this gif as an announcement.

Thanks as always for your awesome classes, Jake. They've been the key for me to be able to understand and use After Effects effectively. 

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