Travel Sketches - Still in Progress :-)

Travel Sketches - Still in Progress :-) - student project

I am really excited that this travel sketching class is online ;-) I follow you, Anastasiia, on instragram and really enjoy your travel sketches. 

I first thought, I would try the class suggestions, but as I just returned from am wonderful trIp to Vietnam with my family, I decided to try the spreadsheet with some of my own travel memories.

The first travel sketch is of the fish market in Mui Ne.

The two ladies are actually preparing the flesh to sell (and eventually eat) of these wonderful shells by destroying the shell with a stone. Apparently it was a special season for these special shells. 

The second and third sketches will follow shortly to fill these pages!


The second sketch is finished: 

As my "live" subject I chose a shell, I collected at the market in the sand, it is the same, they harvested in the first sketch, although smaller.

As I am not traveling at the moment and painted this on my desk, I used masking fluid to protect the whites. This would probably be not a tool, I would use while traveling :-)