Totally Dutch

Totally Dutch - student project

I had such a great time making this piece! 
The class really inspired me and I couldn’t wait to start but ...unfortunately I had to wait because the weather was terrible for days. This Sunday was a nice sunny autumn day and I went out on a bike ride and I already had a beautiful place in mind. I packed my coffee, art supplies and thin gloves. 
It was such a nice peaceful spot. When I just sat down on the bench a rainbow started to pop-up! Birds where flying around the windmill and the sun was beautiful golden. What a great moment. This is why I wanted to do this class! 
Unfortunately the warm coffee and gloves couldn’t keep the cold away for too long so I had to go home and finish it inside. But I’m definitely going to do this more often! A beautiful way to combine my love for nature and art. 
Thanks for sharing your skills. I learned a lot!Never thought I was able to make something like this. I’m proud!


Totally Dutch - image 1 - student project 
It was hard to find the right picture/composition but I like this look the most. 

Totally Dutch - image 2 - student project

Totally Dutch - image 3 - student projectA close-up of the beautiful windmill 

Totally Dutch - image 4 - student projectSitting warm inside with hot chocolate ready to add color!

Totally Dutch - image 5 - student projectThis is the view I had and you can just see the rainbow next to the windmill

Totally Dutch - image 6 - student project