The art of ink: tropical leaves

The art of ink: tropical leaves - student project




I found the exercise of drawing the different leaf shapes really helpful. Not only did my hand become more used to drawing the shapes, but I also learnt what difference it makes to draw the stems slightly shorter or longer. In the end each leaf you draw is going to be slightly different, but this makes the overall plant drawing much more realistic, since no two leaves are the same perfect shape anyway (;



Here is the first round leaf that I drew using cross hatching. On the left side of the leaf I kept my marks quite loose and roughly crossing over each other. On the right side I tried to keep the marks more structured and evenly spaced. The two give really different results and I can't decide which I like best... so it was good to try out the both of them. The rest of the page was made from another of Marina's classes on texture and shading - go check it out!



Here are my second and third leaf styles. I spent a lot of time stippling the fern leaf, but it was worth it to get those deep shadows. I could have left more white space for stronger highlights, but now I know this for next time (;



And the last 3 leaves... these were my favourite because there are so simple and quick to draw, but look really pretty and delicate. Thank you Marina for the great class! I really enjoyed using the different pen nibs to see how it effects the drawing at the end. I really learnt a lot more about my pens and how to use them! Looking forward to your other classes :D

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