The Benefits of Adding Fruit to Your Daily Diet

The Benefits of Adding Fruit to Your Daily Diet - student project

I created this design as if I were an Instagram social media influencer who talks about supporting healthy lifestyles.

This particular post focuses on the benefits of adding fruit to your daily diet. I began the design with a larger headline alongside the picture to draw attention. Below, I added a quick sentence (the sub headline) that gives viewers a sneak peak of what could be potentially included in the post. Lastly, I added a search bar for aesthetic purposes to signify someone looking for the answer; What can fruit do for your body? The search bar adds a fun aspect to the design.

The color palette of this design was based off of the fruits: I chose to make the headline white since the biggest portion of the three fruits is white (the coconut, the inner peel of the lemon, and the stripe on the straw). The font color of the sub headline matches with the lemon and the inner peel of the orange. Lastly, the search bar is the same color of the orange, but with added transparency.