The Art of Planning: Skyrocket Your Productivity

The Art of Planning: Skyrocket Your Productivity - student project


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Do you fight feelings of stress or exhaustion day-to-day? 

Do you often struggle to keep on top of your workload?

Or are you just looking for tools that will allow you to simplify your life and help you reach your ideal future?

Many of us experience overwhelm due to the fact that our life is filled with too many things: commitments, obligations, or physical and emotional clutter. Identifying our values and letting go of what makes us feel stuck can be challenging, but after working through this class you will be able to regain clarity and live a life of purpose.

There are several simple strategies that would allow you to manage your time more effectively, establish support structures and create space for what truly matters: time with family, creative projects, travel or a new business. You will be able to reduce stress, gain better focus and accomplish more without taking on more responsibilities.

These productivity techniques have worked for me and many others, and I would love to share them with you. Enrol now to watch informative videos, receive beautifully designed templates and take charge of your life today!

The Art of Planning: Skyrocket Your Productivity - image 1 - student project


Class Outline:

  1. Introduction: What the Class Is About & How to Prepare for It
  2. Intention: It Starts with the Right Mindset
  3. Evaluation: Taking a Look at the Current Situation
  4. Alignment: Your Purpose, Values and Goals
  5. Productivity Tool #1: Daily Planner
  6. Productivity Tool #2: Time Blocking
  7. Productivity Tool #3: Task Batching 
  8. Prioritizing Self-Care: Wellness Tracker
  9. Celebrating Your Wins

Class Project:

The purpose of this class is to inspire you to put these time management tools into action. 

Once you start working through the class and provided templates, I will be happy to hear about your main takeaways, what techniques you are planning to implement and how this course changed your outlook on productivity and living intentionally. 

You will also gain access to free printable files designed to support you on your journey to a more productive life. Upload one (or several) templates that you used to share your success: create a schedule using a time blocking method, fill out the wellness tracker or show us the progress you make with the daily planner.

My Introductory Video is available on Youtube:


The class is now available at - see you inside!

Anouk Rose

Productivity / Wellness / Growth