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Tanekastreet.com Copywriting service - student project

Hi. This is my copy writing project. I originally typed this as three unbroken paragraphs. I forgot that they had to be separated into the 5 templates and that is why they are out of order. I wanted to present them in the same order that I wrote them in so that the context of the entire thing would not be lost.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Template #1

Tanekastreet.com offers vibrant web writing for small-and medium-sized businesses who want correctly written content for the web.

Unlike other copywriters I don’t insist on working alone.

Template #3

I collaborate with you to produce a distinguished product for your business.

Template #5

I help you communicate clearly with your customers.

Template #2

Forget rambling and ridiculous business jargon. At tanekastreet.com I offer fresh, concise writing for businesses who want to get on the web today.

Template #4

Writer, business owner collaboration and transparent invoicing are just a few reasons more people want to work with tanekastreet.com.