Summerfields in watercolor

Summerfields in watercolor - student project

I found a picture of a beautiful watercolor painting on Pinterest, clicked it and was directed to an amazing instagram-account. Rarely have I been so inspired as I have been by Maria Smirnova's watercolor paintings. Her class "Step-by-step: Watercolor sunset in the field" was easy to follow along with and very liberating. I followed along on what she did, then I experimented with a field of poppies and lastly I saw the pictures she had on her profile here at Skillshare and figured she had used the same method so I tried to paint what she portrayed so beautifully: a field of purple flowers.


Summerfields in watercolor - image 1 - student projectWhile my larger painting was drying I was painting a copy of it in my 14 x 9 cm (5½ x 3½") Moleskine watercolour album.


Summerfields in watercolor - image 2 - student projectMy larger piece, following the tutorial.


Summerfields in watercolor - image 3 - student projectMiniature fields.


Summerfields in watercolor - image 4 - student project

Abstract red poppies in a field at sundown.


Summerfields in watercolor - image 5 - student project

And the bigger painting of the purple flowers!

Thank you Maria for such a great class and for all the inspiration! 



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