Steven D. Elliott - Chocolate Packaging Concepts

 Steven D. Elliott - Chocolate Packaging Concepts - student project


I spent 3 years in a packaging design career as a Junior Designer.

I'm doing this project to keep improving my packaging design sketches and concept. I'm not much of a great sketcher and I want to get my concepts more refined then what I've done as a professional. See some of my work below.


I started with 2 different concepts. I stuck with a simple square or rectanglar concept to try and challenge myself by taking the normal and making it unique. Chocolate boxes are a bit different for what I was previously doing which is very simple boxs with more focus on finishes and designs. I will be revising what's done here into cleaner sketches in the coming days.

Thanks so much Evelio for taking the time to creating the class!

SKETCH 1 - I wanted to try and 'conceal chocolate in a hollowed out lid in a hatbox style. Along with that the bas has 2-3 draws on the sides of the box

SKETCH 2 - This is a vertical nesting box. The Secondry packaging has 2 level of pacakging (which I assume would be similar to the chocolate) The outer-most box is a clamshell style when oppened the interior box is then pulled out. When pulled a series of openings engages the customer. The top flips up to reveal a set of 4. The other pulls reveal set of 2 chocolates.