Social Media Marketing Report

Social Media Marketing Report - student project


Taking on the role of a Social Media Consultant, you will produce a report and an e-portfolio outlining an appropriate strategy and tactics for a selected Social Media Campaign on behalf of Volunteer Scotland.

Social Media can be used for a multitude of different reasons and comes with a lot of benefits. The evolution from traditional marketing to social media marketing has meant that people on the internet have a way of making themselves heard and can have a direct link to a company. All brands should market themselves on social media, and this report will focus on how non-profit brands carry this out.  The purpose of this report is to outline an appropriate social media strategy for a selected Social Media Campaign for Volunteer Scotland. Firstly, this report will cover the scope, definitions, and characteristics of social media marketing. Secondly, I will be examining how social media has been applied in the non-profit sector. In order to do this, I will firstly be evaluating how consumers engage with non-profit organisations through social media networks. In addition to this, I will be analysing volunteering and data reports, provided by Volunteer Scotland in order to inform persona development. Lastly, I will be developing a social media campaign that targets Gen Z and improves social media engagement for Volunteer Scotland.