Shattered Reflections: The First Draft

Shattered Reflections: The First Draft - student project

UPDATED: Monday, March 25, 2013

Please click on the link below to view the first draft of Shattered Reflections. And THANK YOU to everyone who helped me choose this one to develop! I'm looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions!


Here are the three ideas I have for a short screenplay. I'd love your honest feedback and suggestions!

Shattered Reflections

A lonely mirror spends most of his time pining for company because he lives with an unattractive family who avoids him at all costs. In an effort to get more attention from them, he starts showing them false images of more attractive versions of themselves, which unintentionally causes the breakup and tragic death of the entire family.

Nine Lives and Second Chances

A suicidal indoor cat, who can't seem to get rid of his nine lives, spends his time plotting his own death and being foiled by his own catlike nature. When he accidentally injures a young family member in one of his attempts at death, he's put out into the wild, where he discovers how good he had it. He finds a new appreciation for life and is determined to earn the trust of the family again.

Heads Will Roll

A royal court executioner loves his job of beheading so much that he spends his free time framing people who annoy him for violent crimes he commits himself. All is well until he accidentally frames the woman he's pined for for years when attempting to frame her husband. He must choose between beheading someone he loves or putting his own neck on the chopping block.

Holly Bowers