Sensory Detail

Sensory Detail - student project

As the village withdraws into the tranquility of the night, somewhere out there, darkness slowly springs to life. The moon looks on at the playful stars. Her soft light slowly transcends into a radiating ball of warmth. The night is gradually awakening. Giant glowing balls that fills the sky beckon, inviting all to join in the merrymaking. The stars are mischievously painting the sky freely and boldly with hues of red, orange, yellow and white. The bursts of colours from the constellations seems to foretell that the joyous will replace the solemn. 


The blustery wind passes by. Attracted by the joy and exuberance, she joins in the fun, mildly displaying her inward spirals reminiscence of a cyclone. Her plans to help plants create offspring for the next generation momentarily comes to a halt. As she dances, the music of the woods is slowly composed. The sounds that are lost in the hustle and bustle of the day are revived in the silence of the night. As the forest wails and great trees murmurs, the leaves rustles and trees crackles. Amazing musical notes slowly comes into being from the blending of sounds. It is indeed a true symphony of nature to behold! The sounds of music that cannot be replicated. Such is the enchantment in the blackness that even the dead tree remnants seems to be reaching towards the skies to connect. 


In the distance, the poor lonely strays could be heard, begging for a kind soul to offer shelter from the biting cold. The faint sounds of the howling wolves unconsciously evokes a mournfulness that was thought to be forgotten. Adeptly camouflaged, the nocturnal musicians contribute with their all too familiar melodies, to be always heard but rarely seen. The hooting calls of the owls, the uncanny mimicry of the mockingbirds and the croaking of the frogs adds to the orchestra of the night. 


Below, the white steeple of the church stands tall amidst the numerous houses. Oblivious to the turbulence above, it is proudly rooted in loneliness and isolation, recuperating in the calm of the storm before the beginning of a busy day. The purity of the night air is being invaded with earthy aromas and sweet scents of pollinating plants. 


As the villagers are preparing to retire for the night, children are obediently sipping their cup of warm white milk. While the lights are awaiting to be extinguished, by the window with an orangey glow is a little girl on her kneels with her head bowed low. Tears trickled down her freckled cheeks as she prays earnestly. As she finishes her prayers, she looks up into the sky. She gasped in surprise as she was greeted with a deep blue tsunami filled with sparkling vitality. The delightful night sky was her miracle in the darkness. It seems the skies are alive that particular night just for her. She was mesmerised. For a moment, she forgot her misery.  Nature does work in mysterious ways!