Scribbles - student project

Every time I don't know what to draw I check on Peggy's classes nad I'm sure to get inspired. Really enjoyed exploring different techniques and trying to figure out what works for me, what doesn't and how to make simple paintings that I would have thrown out interesting through using ink on top.


Without the ink everything looks bland and flat. I messed around with the leaves a bit, didn't like the outcome but the lines make them less unpleasant to me.



In contrast I left these flowers without linework and messed around with the leaves some more. I like how the flowers turned out but the squiggly green leaves are way too busy. But it's nice to keep it as a reference.



Same goes for the tulips. I might add some ink later just found it too busy overall but I likes experimenting.

I also overdid it with the leaves I guess less is more but I really like the pattern I can create with my tiny round brush.



This is my favourite from all the experiments I did. I want to make a card out of it and maybe make some more in the future.

So thanks again Peggy for being such an inspiration!

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