Scandinavian Summer

Scandinavian Summer - student project

Hello everyone!

After the first Intro class I decided to turn my hobby into my new career. I think it'll be a great adventure. Why not to try? First of all I came up with the name of my future studio. I relly love to travel, so I decided that my studio is called "Wanderlust")) 

So I started with my first pattern collection "Scandinavian Summer". My collection is inspired by the Swedish national summer holiday called Midsommar. Midsommar is still a huge deal across Sweden, with people young and old getting together to celebrate, either at large community events or smaller gatherings of friends and family.

Almost everyone gets to finish work early on Midsummer’s Eve, leading to a mass exodus from the cities and out into the countryside, where meadows full of wild flowers are at their most beautiful.Swedish Midsummer traditions are thought to have their roots in pre-Christian, sun-worshipping cultures. The time of year around the summer solstice, when the darkness of night is replaced by a magical twilight, would have held special significance for people in northern climes.

Despite later attempts by the church to transform Midsummer into an entirely Christian festival, it’s the pagan symbols that have stood the test of time. Women and young children still put wild flowers in their hair, and communities across the country still decorate phallic midsommarstänger, or maypoles, for people to sing and dance around.

And now to my project. So here is my moodboard:

And my sketches:

Here is my final collection!

Thank you, Bonnie, for this wonderful class! Hope it'll be a great start for my new career!)

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