Samuel Lopez Branding Identity - Self Brand Identity

Samuel Lopez Branding Identity - Self Brand Identity - student project


Samuel Lopez Branding Identity - Self Brand Identity - image 1 - student project



1. Background

What is your current situation?

Samuel Lopez is a self-taught and passionate Front-End Web Developer and Web Designer living in Orange, California. He currently doesn’t have a brand identity and he’s looking to create one to reflect his unique talent, perception, and personality.

2. Objective

What are you trying to accomplish?

To give a fresh “face” to his name and to be identified by other people. He wants to accurately reflect his unique personality and approach.

3. Target Audience

What are your ideal customers?

Men and women who appreciate simple, minimalistic and beautiful designs. People who are willing to invest on their identity and recognize the real value beautiful design.

4. Message

What are you trying to say?

With a particular approach and a genuine interest in his customer’s projects, Samuel will solve all of your problems by providing a top of the line final product. He will go the extra mile to make sure all of your needs are meet in a timely manner.

5. Competition

Who are your biggest competitors?

Other Southern California Front-End Web Developers and Web Designers.

6. Distinguish Characteristics

What makes you unique?

  • Will use the latest web and technologies and techniques.
  • Will embrace your project and make it his.
  • Will pay attention to detail.
  • Will provide documentation.
  • Excellent communication.

7. Creative Considerations

Do you have any specific directives that should apply to the work?

  • Try to stick to B&W colors.
  • Try to make the mark with just with initial “S”.
  • Make one logo with just typography.

8. Tone or Keywords

What personality do you want to project to your audience?

  • Modern.
  • Minimalistic.
  • Simple.
  • Bold.
  • Attractive.
Samuel Lopez

Graphic Designer