Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my new class. This sample project is my example of my simple little drawings for the class assignment. You don't have to upload all your drawings at once, you can add images as you go along. This way you’ll have feedback from our community along the way. A picture or scanned image of your paintings will be enough.

And again, remember, that you’re drawing for yourself, to hone your own skills and just to have fun. So your drawings don't need to be perfect. Take your tools and let’s start!

For first assignment I chose my lipbalm, my waterbrush and my son’s toy cat and drew them. I used my Micron pens and regular paper.

For second assignment I drew simple floral wreath with leaves and branches. I tried to keep really simple and not to make it overdesigned and littery. And once again - I used my Micron pens and regular paper.

And for last one - I decided to draw simple floral pattern. I made it four-directional and in this case I used my simple Stabilo pens. And as you can see they works nice too. 

And finally I made my extra piece with lettering on color paper and added lettering to my floral wreath. Here I used my purple paper and Faber Castell silver pen, and some Microns for lettering in a wreath.

I can’t wait  to see your progress along the way! 

Upload your drawings in Project Gallery. I’d really love to see what you all come up with. Relax, draw and have fun!

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