Sample Project: Veto- ESFP

Sample Project: Veto- ESFP - student project
  1. Decide your character’s personality type

Veto- ESFP

  1. Discover your character's quirks
  • They are charismatic entertainers who love the spot light.
  • They have great people skills and enjoy helping others have a good time.
  • They are poor long term planners that tend to get distracted from their goals.
  • Are stubbornly optimistic.
  1.  Character profile

Name: Veto Youngwane

Physical Description:


Hair- light brown, sticks straight up

Eyes- light brown/almost gold

Height- 5’ 4”

Small frame/ thin

General Background- He has four younger siblings, they were orphaned a couple years before the story starts and he has been trying to keep them all together and provide for them. He developed skill as a pickpocket trying to provide for his siblings, using theatrics and slight of hand to steal, and his natural charisma to get out of situations when he gets caught. He enjoys causing mischief nd pulling pranks, but also takes his role as older brother quite seriously. how they grew up/ family members/ habits/ hobbies

Personal goals and motives- to eventually make enough money to get a home for him and his siblings and secure a future for his siblings. He hasn’t given a lot of thought to what he’d want to do for his own life, but he’d likely enjoy being a street performer. As it is, he finds he enjoys being a spy and using his natural charisma in that way.

Talents- Naturally charismatic, nimble, is skilled with most ranged weapons, stealthy, fast talker

Character Strengths: Energetic, Finds fun activities, Observant, Practical

Weaknesses:Risk taker, Sensitive, Easily Bored, Unfocused


  1. Craft a scene
  • Your character is attracted to someone. What do they do in order to grow closer to that person?

This is a potential scene with Veto in it from my current WIP, which is told from the point of view of the main character, Mage.


“Listen, Veto,” Mage started.

“Buck,” Veto corrected. He was going to continue to stick to his code name for now.

“Sorry, Buck. I know you took a big risk in joining me here, and I don’t deserve your help-”

Veto waved his hand in front of his face, cutting Mage off and ending the conversation. Veto didn’t want to talk about it now, apparently. Mage would try to apologize again later.

Just then Wing approached them. Both her hands gripped the end of her long brown braid tightly as she tended to do around new people. She cast Veto a nervous glance.

That’s right, Mage remembered, they hadn’t been introduced yet.

“Mage, Quinn and Vala want to talk to you two,” she told him.

Mage was about to speak up to quickly introduce the two of them, but Veto had stepped right up to her before he could react.

“Hello!” he said brightly. “I’m Ve- I’m Buck. What’s your name?”

She scrutinized him through her dark lashes, an eyebrow raised, though she didn’t release her grip on her braid.

“Wing,” she told him.

“Well, Wing,” Veto pulled a small marble from his pocket and flicked it into the flowering tree that towered above them. A single blossom floated down and Veto caught it and handed it to her. “It is lovely to meet you.”

“Okay,” Wing replied hesitantly, but she smirked and actually released one hand from her braid to take the offered bloom. Without another word, she walked away. Both Veto and Mage watched her go.

As soon as she was out of earshot, Mage turned to his friend.

“Wow,” he said. “That was subtle.”

Veto blinked. “What do you mean?”

Mage nodded towards Wing’s retreating form. “You like her.”

“You could tell?”

Mage couldn’t tell if Veto was being serious or not, so he just shook his head in exasperation.