Review my Writing, Please!

Review my Writing, Please! - student project

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I have written a short 1 mins read copy. 


It would be helpful if you could provide me with honest feedback.

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Please Review the Below

Why should children read the newspaper every day?

A daily newspaper subscription is a must for your child's mental development. Children show curiosity about their surroundings. This results in all the random questions they have. A newspaper can help boost this curiosity and also develop a habit of reading.


Newspaper stories and facts help nurture their thoughts in the right way. A study shows that children reading the paper daily are calmer and more patient than children who don't. Also, letting your child start some difficult words or phrases in the paper helps with their vocabulary and verbal fluency.


Newspapers provide children’s columns with interactive activities like mazes, puzzles and crosswords. This engages kids in problem-solving rather than being glued to the TV and Phones.


Children can publish their handmade artworks in the newspaper. This builds their participation mindset too.


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