Ready to grind your gears? Hire me to make your project painless

Ready to grind your gears? Hire me to make your project painless - student project

I've used the templates to uncover my personal brand as an employee about to the re-enter the job market. Therefore this is a different approach to that of a freelancer or as a business owner. I should note that I currently have several roles with my current firm so I've used some of the templates to highlight different areas of skill.


Template #1: 

I offer collaborative problem solving for management teams who want to eliminate pain points and bottlenecks within their business.

Unlike other candidates who claim to think outside of the box, I won’t simply redecorate it and consider the job done. I’ll define the box’s limitations before helping you to break through to the other side. I’ll also train your teams and implement the right solution for you.

Template #2:

Forget the independent thinkers that can’t work with your team. I can offer problem solving, project management and handover to a better BAU setting for struggling cross functional teams.

Template #3: 

I help hardworking business owners identify and eliminate inefficiencies, bottlenecks and pain points with my analytical and insightful continuous improvement services.

Template #4:

My ability to translate complex technical concepts to stakeholders, laymen and customers, and the capacity to think independently within a team are just some of the reasons why more hardworking business owners choose to work with me.

Template #5:

I provide collaborative and communicative management to my Services Team which supports Sales in converting 40% of leads into active customers.