Questions - student project

1. Why do you want to be an artist?

I want to be an artist not because I just want to make the same things that my favorite artists do. It's because being an artist has been a calling since I was a kid; I was inspired by cool comicbooks, various cartoons and colorful toys (and even computer games) in able to make wonderful artworks. 

Of course, my artistic journey has been a bumpy ride. For instance, I had to abandon my artistic dreams in able to study and to pursue a more practical career (that eventually didn't worked).

But alas, my artistic dreams hasn't died yet and I took a plunge to reignite my passion for creativity. I took several workshops and I met different kinds of artists (ranging from content creators, to comicbook artists, to even fellow sketchers). I seek for inspiration for my masterpiece everywhere - my massive stationery collection, media I often consumed, and heck even everyday life. 

In short, being an artist is like unleashing my inner child and I've been feeling like that everytime I'm making art.

2. What do you want to accomplish through art?

I want to make people believe that there's magic and wonder in life - but in the same time I wanted to share how unfair life is, like inequality and ruthless leadership. I also want to inspire audiences through illustrations depicting slices of life and my points of view because  life is too beautiful not to share anything.

3. What are your weaknesses and what do you want to learn and improve on drawing?

My weaknesses include but not limited to: doing proportions and perspective, putting light, shadow, and value, inconsistency in practice, and sharing my artwork effectively.

For now, the best way I'm doing is to practice a lot. As cliche as it sounds, I believe that practice makes progress and it'll lead you to greatness.

I'm also learning and improving my weak points by attending various classes (not just Skillshare, I also learn things through Youtube and others). Learning from the masters may be intimidating but it'll be worth it in the end.

Lastly, I'm starting the habit to draw in my sketchbook - most especially when exciting and unexplored ideas are coming in my head.


Of illustrations and life.