Project Questions

Project Questions - student project

1. Why do you want to become an artist?


I want to express myself in the best way I possibly can. There are so many stories out there that I want to tell, and often the best way to tell those stories is through visual art. I also just find it relaxing. It's nice to lose myself in a drawing for a few hours, even if it doesn't always turn out how I expect it to.


2. What do you want to accomplish through art?


Story-telling! I'm a writer first and foremost, but I always enjoy throwing art in to better understand a character and/or story.


3. What are my current weaknesses?


My linework is sloppy, which can probably work into a nice loose style eventually, but I'm nowhere near that yet. I also have difficulty colouring anything beyond flats, and my digital work brings me back to the level of middle school doodles.


4. What do I want to learn and improve?


I want to create clean, neat lines, have a better concept of what my style(s) constitutes, and figure out how to use colour properly. Which are all very doable, especially with how much I love to push myself to try things out of my comfort zone; it just takes time.


Constantly Improving Art Enthusiast