Project 1 completed

Project 1 completed - student project

Joan is in her 60s, recently widowed, and lives alone. This past year has brought many changes. One such being the sale of her home of 30 years; completed just last month. Another, the purchase of a small condo for herself.

Today, the top thought occupying Joan's mind is making her new nest cozy and, that starts with a new bed.

An avid amateur nature photographer with a passion for the outdoors, Joan wants as natural a product as she can get, while still providing a great night's sleep. She needs to keep her energy levels up for all of her photography adventures.

While she is not a rich or extravagant woman, she is well enough off to afford most of the comforts she craves. So, after looking online, researching mattress styles, models, and prices, Joan decides to visit Rest Easy, a local sleep shop that specializes in organic and earth-friendly products.

Finishing her turkey sandwich and a cup of green tea, she hops into her Toyota Prius, and off she goes. Life certainly is filled with changes and, challenges. However, Joan knows that with proper rest she can handle anything that comes her way.