Project 1 and 2

Project 1 and 2 - student project

Project 1: For TV pilot


PROTAGONIST: Young, Victorian, teenager, flaw – vengeful

GOAL: learn to control her newfound abilities to rid 1800’s England of a deadly threat to humanity

OBSTACLE: S.E.V.E.N.S – beings summoned from the seventh dimension by an unknown force

LOGLINE: A vengeful, mistrustful, Victorian girl must learn to control her newfound abilities to ensure the survival of humanity against beings from the seventh dimension in 1800’s England


Project 2:


TV pilot



Embittered and vengeful after her parents’ brutal, unexplained murder, young, Victorian teenager, Wynne Finegold is sent to live at Harlin’s Orphanage. She arrives to much excitement and fanfare. The illustrious philanthropist, Sir Henry Tibbins would like to adopt a few orphans from the home and give them a life they could only dream of. Wynne is disinterested in being adopted as she is mistrustful of all who try to help her.

Wynne has been selected as one of the lucky orphans and she is told that she will not have a home at Harlin’s if she does not accept the offer. When the orphans are taken to Sir Henry’s countryside mansion, Wynne realises that all is not as it seems. The orphans who were adopted previously are silent and exude a hunger. The house is unnaturally cold and has an oppressive atmosphere. Wynne feels uncomfortable with the dead stares of the more senior orphans and decides to explore. Everywhere that she explores, a creepy orphan awaits her. Finally shaking them off, she escapes into an arboretum. Here she finds an ancient book, nestled amongst the plants. There is a flash, and the book’s symbols leap from the page and attach to her skin. She screams and passes out.

Wynne wakes up in a small bedroom atop a single bed. She has a headache and the book is nowhere to be found. It is late evening, and she has missed dinner. She decides to find the other “new” orphans. Exploring the house, she finds it to be empty. Mistakenly she opens a hidden door to a dungeon below the house, hears voices and, with heart pounding, decides to descend.      



She comes upon a scene of horror. The “new” orphans are busy being subjugated into becoming “vessels” for S.E.V.E.N.S, beings from the seventh dimension. Sir Tibbins is the author of this misfortune and when the creatures sense her presence, he sends them after her. Wynne escapes into the woods surrounding the house, the creatures in hot pursuit. As they are about to pounce on her and render her limb from limb, ancient symbols flow across her skin and bursts of blue fire engulf the creatures, consuming them. Wynne is amazed. She is busy not paying attention and examining her hands when one creature who barely survived the flames is about to decapitate her. A voice calls out in an archaic language and the creature disappears in a spatter of blood. Wynne meets Bartlett, her saviour.   



Bartlett introduces himself and convinces Wynne to come back to London with him. Not an easy task since she doesn’t trust him. Bartlett leads her into the poor sector, taking her to the Hog’s Head bar. A meeting between alchemists is taking place in the bar. Bartlett introduces Wynne and tells the meeting participants what he saw her do. He would like her to join the group. Many are for it, two are against. The motion carries and she joins the group. The two members and Barlett are strong—armed into teaching her how to control the Grimoire inside of her. She needs to practice her physical, mental, and magical skills. She has her first lesson in magic with Bartlett who promises to help her find out who killed her parents.


The next day, the group are alerted to a summoning in a wealthy area. Persons unknown are summoning S.E.V.E.N.S at a séance party. The S.E.V.E.N.S have begun attacking the guests and are eating them. Two of the group’s members are sent to investigate and attend to this matter, and Wynne begs Bartlett to let her try out her newfound powers. Bartlett finally agrees takes her to the place of summoning. The house is dark and silent. They enter and come across three S.E.V.E.N.S, all feeding off of the guests. The group members are nowhere around. Bartlett tackles two, while Wynne decides to call upon her grimoire to handle the third one. They finish them off quickly and begin to search for survivors. Wynne comes across a group member who unbeknownst to her has become a vessel. It attacks her, causing her to feel mistrust towards the group. She kills it and finds a small girl hiding in a closet. She decides to leave with the child, not telling Bartlett of her plans.   


Wynne goes on the run with the small child, Annabella. She hires herself out as a schoolmistress in the day on the condition that Annabella joins her class. They live frugally, and secretively. Wynne is always checking her back. At night she tries to find out all that she can about the seventh dimension and its progeny. One day, she is confronted by a very strong S.E.V.E.N outside of the public library. Wynne and Annabella are badly injured.


Wynne manages to defeat the S.E.V.E.N, but nearly dies. She realises that she needs to become stronger and to do that, she needs to trust the group. She and Annabella manage to get to the groups’ hideaway, where they are attended to medically. She agrees to join the group on the conditions that they help her finds her parents’ murderer and take care of Annabella. Bartlett suggests that Annabella goes to a safe house, as this isn’t a kid-friendly atmosphere. Wynne agrees.  


She is healed and begins her training in earnest the next day. The second group member who went to the wealthy house is missing, presumed consumed. Some members of the group still don’t trust Wynne and think she is bad luck. Wynne says a heartfelt goodbye to Annabella, who tearfully leaves for her new home. Wynne trains hard and becomes stronger each day.

Wynne learns that someone in the English aristocracy is responsible for the summonings. Unbeknownst to the group, Wynne and Bartlett leave to check out an abandoned church on a hunch that Bartlett has. A mysterious person watches them leave the bar from the shadows. 

Annabella arrives at the City of Brighton. She is taken to a small house. A woman answers the door and warmly welcomes Annabella in. She leads her into a cosy sitting-room, lit by a warm fire. Sitting in front of the fire we see a male figure. He turns around and we see it is Sir Henry Tibbins. He smiles toothily at Annabella.