Produce electronic music - EDM - with Ableton Live and beyond

Produce electronic music - EDM - with Ableton Live and beyond - student project

>>> Hello and welcome to my Skillshare course <<<

In this course you will learn the basics of an electronic music (EDM) production. After completing this course, you will be able to create a great sounding EDM track from scratch. We will use Ableton Live as our DAW. 


Who is this course for?

If you want to have a great starting point to learn about the basics of an electronic music production, this course is for you! We will create an EDM track from scratch together. In this journey you will learn about the structure of an EDM track, the instruments and effects, mix and mastering as well as many more neat production techniques. This course includes all the knowledge that you need in order to get your production started. It is a beginner friendly course. However, you should know the basics of how to operate Ableton Live. 


What will you learn from this course?

  • Understand the basics of EDM
  • Setting up Ableton Live
  • Creating powerful drums with layering
  • Composing an intense chord progression
  • Crafting your own bassline
  • Adding a flying lead sound
  • Structure and arrangement of a track
  • Use automation to make the energy flow
  • Crafting an exciting drop
  • The use of midi and audio effects
  • Mix and master your track


What are the requirements?

This course is beginner friendly. If you are starting out producing music, you will learn about all the important elements of an EDM track. However, you should know how to operate Ableton live. This course does not explain the fundamentals of the DAW itself. 

You will need Ableton live for this course. All versions, Suite, Standard and Intro are welcome. As the Intro version does not feature a synthsizer, we will use a free third party Plugin (Vital) in addition to Ableton Live. I will also provide a basic sample pack with drums and loops to get you started. 


Who am I?

My name is Julian and I have been working as a professional in the music industry for the past 18 years. I look back on numerous releases as a producer for other artists and myself under various artist names. Music has been my passion ever since and I am delighted to share my experiences to help you become a better producer. I have been the personal coach for many students in the past and I have been teaching Ableton Live at the EMS (Electronic Music School) in Berlin. 


This is the outline of what to expect from this course. I am very much looking forward to assisting you to raise your music production skills to the next level. Thanks a lot for your interest and see you in the first session.



Downloads for this course

Here you can download the sample library for this course:


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