Powerful Brand

Powerful Brand - student project

When I think of a brand that has, err, left its mark, Starbucks comes to mind. Maybe it's because I was in the food franchise business for 20 years, maybe it's because I like their products, but the word that first comes when describing what they deliver for me, it's consistency.

Yes, the quality is high, but it's the anticipated degree of satisfaction I get that drives me to any store with its brand because I know they'll get it right, I won't be let down. And if there's something most brands suffer from, it's disappointment: at some point, the magic runs out, and the relationship fizzles.

It has always puzzled me why restaurants can't get it right when it comes to making a cup of coffee. I'm always pleasantly surprised when an outfit not branded Starbucks delivers a coffee at the right strength, freshness, heat and taste, and with the proper dairy and sweetener options. Don't get me started on decaf!

Starbucks product quality is the primary reason I admire it, but its stores tend to be very clean, fun, hip, technologically-progressive, their staff are uber-hip, music is on the mark, their app works great, these are all big reasons why their reputation is what it is.

The long lineups, the crazy modifications people make on their drinks, the misspelled names on cups, the exploitation of coffee growers, and the high prices withstand criticism year after year because consumers consistently get value for their money.

Ironically, I see little in the way of advertising from Starbucks, they let others do the talking for them. Colleagues, social media peers, friends and family are the disciples of that brand. They do have extremely attractive cups and other merchandise, however, and I suspect that is not by accident.

I've already forgotten what a touch point is, so I'll have to rewatch Rachel's videos, which I will happily do.