Poet's Field Guide

Poet's Field Guide - student project

Hi Anna!

Thank you SO MUCH for your class! I learned so much in the matter of your 35 minute class. I felt like I had absolutely no idea on how to navigate branding or a business for Instagram before your class. Now, I feel like I have some strategies, tools, and references to work off of, and some direction. Your worksheet was super helpful in doing some well-needed soul searching in what exactly it is I want to do. So thank you so much!

I originally started this Instagram to post pictures from my travels, but soon after decided that I wanted to make it somewhat of a portfolio space for a future art business. I want it to be made up of handlettering, watercolor projects, and nature/the outdoors. 

Since your class, I have started using a wood background on my pictures to try to develop some consistency, and am trying to transition colors (which is harder than I thought!). I made a schedule to take pictures in the early morning/afternoon in natural light, so I can have more consistency in lighting. The tough thing for me has been transitioning from art pictures to nature/the outdoor pictures. It is definitely a work in progress!

Here are some screenshots of my moodboards:

(One of my keywords was naturalist)

Here is a screenshot of my gallery prior to your class:

And here is a screenshot of my in-progress gallery a little bit after taking your class and putting some of the concepts into practice:

I am still trying and figuring things out, but it is starting to feel a little more consistent. Thank you so much for the class!