Playing Yangguan Pass

Playing Yangguan Pass - student project


The first thing I was sketch out three ideas trying to make the final sketch the most exggerated.

I took inspirations form all three and decided to use more angled borders to try and bring a sense of energy to the piece. Using the third design as the bases, taking out the cross border (where the name or note would be placed).


First creating a very rough sketch, then drawing on top of this looking at the positioning and proportions. After which I drew the character mannequin to refine the position and the shapes.  

Over this the I drew the final character and guqin (he is playing this so it made sense to draw it on the same layer). After doing the lineart I then draw the background positions, however to reduce the size of the project I've put them together here.

Final Sketches

Character Line work

I drew the character and guqin using the Real G-Pen, drawing character lines and the shading on one layer (which is mainly because I did not watch all the lessons first...).

For the panels that only featured the instrument I decided to draw these as backgrounds.


I then went and drew the backgrounds in as well as the textures.


I then added the screen tones, basically on two layers, the darker one was used for the character and the guqin to make help them stand out from the background. The light screen tone was used for the environement.


I can see quite a lot of errors such as the anatomy, the player's postion on the guqin, the guqin's scale, the rug has two different textures, I did not think to draw the panels for the wooden objects so the texture is all over the place, the hair is a mess and finally the clothes look a little flat.

This took so long to draw mainly due to drawing the wood texture as opposed to drawing a tiling the texture on another layer and manipulating that.

Here is the image after Setting the Expression colour to Doutoning (exported as a jpg and then the size reduced)