Plant for the future

Plant for the future - student project

Hey Dylan, you've inspired another fellow illustrator to just sit and get on with that lettering.

I really loved your class, concept, and approach and it's great to hear how you make your creative decisions.

So, my not so good relationship with lettering dates back a long time ago when I told myself that I just am not good at it. But, guess what, I just haven't ever tried to go passed the ugly sketch phase. And I always tell everyone, if you don't believe it, you won't achieve it. Thank you for reminding me about this. The only thing that matters is to decide, work and finish it. And as a Skillshare teacher, this is something I also want to point out in my future classes a lot more.


These are my first sketches, made with ink pen and the next one made with a brush and ink. Later I decided to vectorize the words PLANT and FUTURE with a pen tool so it looks more cut-out and so it can match the style of my flower illustration.

Later I made flower illustrations directly around it so it fits the frame of my A4 art prints. Here is how everything looks finished.

Thanks again for the wonderful class and for inspiring me!

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