Plans for Cloud/Ice Cream Project

Plans for Cloud/Ice Cream Project - student project

Second Update: I completed the video! It isn't exactly as I envisioned I think partially because my equipment is not that great- I think I might invest in a few things for the future because I really enjoyed this! I am really proud of myself, even if I don't completely love the video. Would love feedback or any tips on how to improve it before I share it on Instagram! 



First Update: Here are my initial sketches for my animation. I don't have modeling clay (yet), but I do have some stuffing for toys that looks like butts. I am going to make a piece where a butt transforms into ice cream. I plan to film with the elements on the ground. I don't have dragonframe, so I'm planning to use a different, free software, but unfortunately it doesn't have all the same features. I'm excited to make it! Will probably work on the frame plans more first. Any feedback would be great!!