Peter’s Grant Readiness Checklist (For Freelancers)

Peter’s Grant Readiness Checklist (For Freelancers) - student project

Here's my project for this course. I'm currently a freelance content writer interested in proposal writing. I think grant writing could be a fantastic way to use my writing to help people change the world.


Peter’s Grant Readiness Checklist

If You Don’t Have A Specific Organization Yet





“What’re the names of the board of directors and staff involved in the grant writing process? Please include their email address, if possible.”



  • Introduce myself to the board of directors.
  • Find names and contact info of individuals directly involved in the grant writing process.
  • Attend events and get to know volunteers, if geographically possible/relevant.
  • Create spreadsheet with personnel and contact info.





“What about [organization’s name]’s mission inspires you to give back?”


“What do you hope this grant funding will do for [organization’s name]?”


“Is there enough staff to bring this project to life?”


“Who will lead this project once funding is secured?”


  • Locate staff relevant to the grant writing process and the project itself and introduce myself.





“How is [organization’s name]’s mission brought to life?”


“How would this funding help further [organization's name]’s mission?”



  • Research organization’s mission and values.
  • Ask for clarification or input from the board and staff.
  • Confirm I have a firm understanding.
  • Write up a brief overview and have it on file to avoid having to rewrite.





“Can you send me a copy of your tax status documentation?”



  • Know the tax status of the organization.
  • Request documents.
  • Store them in a digital filing system so I can access them with ease. 





“Do you have a budget for this project?”


“What does the budget look like?”



  • Liaise with the finance director/accounting staff.
  • Talk about past grant proposal experiences.
  • Ask for feedback.





“What are your other sources of funding (outside of this grant)?”



  • Find out how much income is generated between donations, grant funds, services, and fundraisers.


Currently Serving Clients?



“Is your organization currently serving clients?”


“How many clients?”


“How many more clients do you anticipate over the course of this project?”



  • Input these numbers into the spreadsheet.
  • Be prepared to tell the story of how [organization’s name] serves these people and how the funding will take it to the next level.

Long Term Goals


My immediate goal is to start building a portfolio. A more medium-term goal is landing my first client as a freelance grant writer.


My long term goal is to assist organizations I care about to help save the world through securing grant funds.


I would love to work with these kinds of organizations: conservation, libraries, and mental health. I volunteer with a local crisis hotline, so this one is near to my heart.