Pattern Ladies

Pattern Ladies - student project

I had so much fun with these, Alison. Once I started painting I could not stop.

I never paint people in my art and don't have any experience doing so. Maybe that's part of what made it so fun.

I used gouache and watercolor as Alison demonstrated, though I also used some craft acrylics and metallic paint marker.

Although I did have a bit of a plan in my head for each painting, sometimes things took their own directions and I ended up using colors I hadn't originally thought of.

Although this one's colors were a bit too close, 

I like the way it's almost reminiscent of the "fadeaway girls" of Coles Phillips. Definitely something to play around with some more.

I stuck with very limited color palettes for the most part and created the patterns without much of a plan.

Which meant that most of my patterns were a little wonky. And I'm ok with that.

It was such fun to try something new and now I'm brimming with ideas on how I can take what I've learned with these ladies and keep going in my own way.


Thank you so much, Alison for the inspiration!!

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