Pasta Binoculars

Pasta Binoculars - student project

Hi Fabio 

So I had the idea of the image being from Hannibal’s point of view through his pasta binoculars, first looking at Grandpa’s plate & then looking up at an embarrassed & grumpy Grandpa because he was so busted! :)

I’m terrible with colours and these are just the sketch idea & a rough colour one, but first I wanted to ask how you’d suggest I make the pasta binoculars look more textured/do they need it? The cutlery is bothering me, I can’t figure out the best placement for the knife. 

Also, can you please give any other feedback about things I can change etc before I do my final one? I kind of chickened out of adding Meatball, I didn’t like my sketch of him... but I also don’t like the clock. 

Grazie mille!