Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim - student project

Perfect time to work on responsive design and a movie I'm looking forward to watching this summer. Really like how the instructor has the class outline the project first to figure out the main parts.  

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Here's my wireframes. Simplifying as much as possible down to the colors and wording.

Mobile Wireframe:

Pacific Rim - image 1 - student project

Tablet Wireframe:

Pacific Rim - image 2 - student project

Standard Wireframe:

Pacific Rim - image 3 - student project

The designs below are 95% of what the instructor did for his Oblivion example. So all the credit to him. I wanted to practice on the structure and wrap my head on where the content goes. I tweaked the structure a little and played with the images, color palette, and typography. You'll see standard, tablet, and mobile in that order.

Pacific Rim - image 4 - student project

Pacific Rim - image 5 - student project

Pacific Rim - image 6 - student project

So I got a chance to rev off my wireframes. Wanted to explore more on the grid and see where I can serve up the images and videos. Had fun inserting other movies and tv shows I have seen that are similar to Pacific Rim. You'll only see the Standard for now but I pretty much think it will follow a similar flow for tablet and mobile that I did earlier above.

Pacific Rim - image 7 - student project