PROJECT - JAZZA SANDWICH - student project

I am Nick D. Clements, and I want to create content. I used to create content, a lifetime ago, when I had the structure as a student. And honestly, making videos, making anything was really an escape from that structure. As an "adult", aside from my job, I can do whatever I want, and therefore my life actually has very little structure. And without structure, to either use or rebel against… not much happens. I want to change that. I have been going through my life, collecting. Collecting interests, skills, and equipment. But my collection just sits, collecting dust. I see YouTube as the answer. I am going to make content, once a week, every week, on anything and everything that interests me. I have a pretty wide range of interests, and I know YouTube doesn't like that. They want one person, doing one thing over and over. So I don’t expect to get a lot of "subscribers" and that's okay. I am making this channel for me. An outlet, a reason to do all the things that I love and am passionate about. And most importantly a deadline. Even if to only one viewer, I will do my best to always meet that deadline. Even if that one viewer is me. Don't get me wrong, I will welcome a community with open arms, that would be amazing! But that is not my goal, especially not right now.

I basically boycotted YouTube when it first began, mostly because in the early days, it was just full of garbage, but also because I felt I should be posting to it, not watching it. Eventually, I did start watching, and subscribing. But that thought remained, I should be on it. As my subscription list grew, so did that thought. Until I decided, 2018 is the year. Enough thinking, enough daydreaming.

This course could not have come at a better time. Specifically, the 'assignment!' This was something I could do, right now. And there was a deadline. I had to be one of the first 20, and actually get feedback from Jazza, how cool! And how invaluable!?! And also, any feedback from my fellow classmates, is extremely welcome.

I can't wait to just do this, to launch my channel and start posting. Start creating, with purpose. And now that I have made a video, start to finish, there is no excuse. I can do it, I know I can, I just did. I said it in the video, but I will say it again, thank you Jazza, for making this course. It was just the kick I needed to throw this idea into overdrive and start making it a reality.

Nick D. Clements

Adobe CC (Windows 10)
Pluraleyes 4
Canon 5D MARK II
Canon EOS M6
Canon VIXIA HF R800
H4n Zoom Recorder