PC running slow... HELP!!!

PC running slow... HELP!!! - student project

If you are reading this post, you've found yourself at some point staring at your PC take its sweet time loading at a slow speed when you're in a haste to complete a task, or transfer a folder. Frustrating right? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that and a few basic tips to help sort it out.

In this post, I will share a few reasons why your PC might be running slow and tips to speed up your PC.

5 reasons why your PC might be running slowly

• PC hasn't been shut down properly
• Multiple apps running in the background
• Low disk space
• Automatic startup programs/apps : Applications that begin running once system is turned on
• Presence of a malware/virus

5 tips to solve the issues mentioned above

• Restart PC - if you're always putting your system in sleep mode or not properly shutdown, your PC has the tendency to run slowly. Restarting your PC will help rectify this issue.
• Shut down multiple unused apps in the background - Close unused apps to reduce the load your system has to process.
• Free up disk space - Delete unused folders/files, or transfer them to an external storage device to make room for your PC to work efficiently.
• Stop auto start up programs - Check for programs and apps that automatically start running once your system comes on, turn them off to help reduce load and help your system work faster.
• Install an Antivirus - This will help keep your system in check, preventing malwares/virus that may harm your system which in turn leads to a slow running PC or complete damage of your system.

In any case where you've tried the above options, and still observe your PC running at a slow speed contact a professional for further advice & assistance.