Novel logline and roadmap

Novel logline and roadmap - student project

Logline: A fledgling witch must solve the murders being committed in her magic school, while she struggles to control her forbidden magic and keep it hidden.




Having been accepted into the witch academy, Stella meets new people and leaves old ones behind. [stasis] Stella is adjusting to her new life away from home when the facility and students start to go missing and rumors of murder start circling. [catalyst]


When the rumors of murder turn out to be true, Stella turns to her forbidden talent of speaking with the dead in order to solve the murders. [break into 2] Stella discovers that the murders are a political ploy to destroy morale and cripple the nation by the vampires and dark elves. [midpoint]


Stella is caught using forbidden magic and is sealed in a dungeon on the outskirts of the nation. [lowpoint] Stella decides to accept the help of a vampire named Adeline to escape and go back to the academy. [break into 3]


Stella gets her friends to help her sneak back into the school where she is betrayed by Adeline who had helped her before. She realizes that this plot was to create a ritual to bring back the dead in order to take the school by force. Stella must stop the ritual by mastering her forbidden talent of necromancy. She confronts Adeline and is forced to kill her. [climax] Stella returns to her studies at the academy and is reunited with her family during a break. She realizes that she loves Robin back and they become partners. [denouement]