Novel Outline

Novel Outline - student project


Essential Story Point #1: The Hook

Who is your hero: Cassie Reath

What is their greatest desire: To find a sense of belonging and a purpose within the universe.

What is standing in her way: Her mother from this realm and her birth mother from another realm.

What is the status quo: Going to college, working in a library.

What makes the day special: Various characters force certain events to come to pass.

Essential Story Point #2: Upsetting the Status Quo

Cassie’s Father is murdered, leaving her to content with her resentful mother. 

Essential Story Point #3: Doorway of No Return

Cassie searches for answers while ignoring the law and goes on the war path. She first meets her love interest Alexander. The police are alerted to her actions and she becomes the main suspect in her own fathers murder. She receives a gift of a grimoire from her birth mother which activates her transformation into being a witch.


Essential Story Point #4: The Initial Plan

Essential Story Point #5: Midpoint & Mirror Moment

Cassie’s Grandfather trains her in witchcraft, while masquerading as a younger version of himself. Manipulating her into opening the portal back to his and Cassies homeworld.

Essential Story Point #6: All Hope Is Lost

While traversing the portal back to their home world Cassie is separated from everyone and one of her friends is permanently damaged in the processed. 


Essential Story Point #7: Transformation

Cassie finds the old palace where she would of grown up and finds the head of the household, telling her stories of how things were and how Cassie an bring back balance.

Essential Story Point #8: Climax & Resolution

Cassie confronts her birth mother and a battle ensues, leaving Alexander captured and Cassie and friends to escape. ( There will be a sequel.)


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