No BS Weight Loss Habits

No BS Weight Loss Habits - student project

Ditch the diet treadmill and get in shape for life with 51 small, easy habits.

If you've ever suffered through weeks of dieting only to gain back more weight than you lost, this book will change your life. The key to sustainable weight loss lies in your habits.

When you get home from work, do you grab a beer or your gym bag? Do you have a green smoothie or a donut for breakfast? Do you drink black coffee or sugary caramel lattés?

You make dozens of tiny choices like these every day, often unconsciously. They might seem too small to matter. But they add up to the body you have right now.

Your habits are the programming for your brain's autopilot system. By taking control of your habits, you can re-program your brain's autopilot to work FOR your weight loss goals instead of AGAINST them! 

In this book, you will learn:


  • How weight loss REALLY works (no weird supplements required)
  • Why you can't seem to stay motivated long enough to get results
  • 8 steps to build your own personal weight-loss habit network
  • 51 specific, actionable micro habits you can start implementing TODAY to lose weight (without being constantly hungry or giving up the foods you love)
  • Why eating dessert every day can help you lose weight and keep it off

Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. Your lifestyle is a collection of habits. Change your habits, change your body. This is weight loss without the BS.

Take the first step to your dream body: get your copy of No BS Weight Loss Habits today!