New Beginning for Amnesia Girl (demo)

New Beginning for Amnesia Girl (demo) - student project

Alicia POV

I felt weak and vulnerable on the cold,hard, surface of the road. I can hear whispers and fingers rapidly typing in their phones. I suppose calling the police and ambulance, would help. I felt blood rushing out. I can't move and I can barely feel anything but, the road. I saw an old man with pale skin and dark blue eyes. He had a white sweater with blue pants, and a very long beard like Santa Claus.

"Accept it, you can't go away, you signed the contract" he said emphasizing the word contract.

Why did I deserve this? Was the last thought in my mind.

It was also the last memory I ever remembered.

I woke up in a soft cottony surface. I looked up and saw I was in a hospital. Where specifically am  I thought to myself.

The white door slowly opened, revealing a girl the same age I was. "who are you?" I croaked.

She looked at me and gasp, she started tearing up. She walked closer to me and choked. "how are you feeling?" she asks, ignoring my question.

I frowned, and asks "what? Who are you? Do I know you?" question swarmed my head. I don't know anything about her. Now what would that mean?

The door opened again this time, it was showing a doctor. He coughed and sat on the nearest chair near me, he signalled the girl to leave and soon she left. "now Mrs. Knight what do you remember?" he asks.

"I remember dying" I shrugged. But then groaned from the massive pain I'm feeling.

"But, you don't remember anything but dying, eh?" He said.

I frowned, but nodded. He furiously started in his mini notebook. I coughed, he looked away from his notebook and gave me a what-is-it look.

"what am I doing here?" I asked.

"your here because you almost died by committing suicide." he answered simply.

"I must be really brave committing suicide." I said truthfully.

"yes, you were, now back to questions!" he announced loudly.

After a few more questions he stood up and walked to the door, "I'll look at the results Mrs. Knight thank you for your cooperation." and he went out. 

I tried sleeping but, I couldn't get any. I sighed, then an idea came to me. I tried standing up but it seems they handcuffed me and had plan B on their side. I touch my hair and I felt a clip, I took it off and tried using it to untie the handcuffs and it worked, it seems so natural for me to escape, it also seems I have done this before.

I shook the thoughts off my head and focusing on escaping the hos- scratch that, I should be focusing escaping this sickening hole.

As soon as I got out of the bed I stood up and decided to go out and grip on the fresh air. Then I suddenly heard a dinosaur roar, I look down and noticed I was hungry. I saw a tray of food on a near table and walk toward it. I suppose eating a few bread and some coffee would suffice before going out on the wild.