Natural Lighting - Kiawah Island, SC

Natural Lighting - Kiawah Island, SC - student project

Once again, I thank you Bernie Raffe!  I've taken your courses on studio off camera flash and outdoor off camera flash!  Over the years with wedding photography, I have grown to rely on flash too much.  By watching this course, it was a simple reminder to be more natural during the next wedding I photographed.  The results are stunning!  Thank you for the simple, but very profound reminder to embrace the natural lighting around me.  I needed this!

...This course was more on what shots to take, but what I got out of it most was seeing how many shots Bernie chose to use without a flash.  That's what opened my eyes the most.

The almost kissing shot! Wonderful idea to not have them kissing in every picture!  

Thanks again Bernie!

- Rhett