My projects (Updated)

My projects (Updated) - student project

This will be updated over and over until I finish the class.

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*Third Update: 2021.01.30

*Second Update: 2021.01.29

*First Update: 2020.06.10


After trial and error, I managed to do something, but I added my own touch.  

Before watching the video, I did this project and made the text be where I want to be, but I did it very complicatedly. Still, after I watched the video, now I know all that I have to do is to add the constraints I want, and that's it, which is much easier, so far so good. 

Project #1 - 1.0 Ver. (2020)

My projects (Updated) - image 1 - student project


Second Project, which around lesson 4 or 5, and again I applied everything but with my own twist as usual. 

Project #2 - 1.0 Ver. (2020)

My projects (Updated) - image 2 - student project


Project #2 - 2.0 Ver. (2021 UPDATE):

This time, I have much more knowledge and ability to do things that I couldn't even dream of doing when I started, and I have a sense of what I like to do, and you can see the artistic style and the different approach here.


My projects (Updated) - image 3 - student project


So I’m at lesson 3, and I just finished the exercise, and it was challenging but fun, so I share the results here, and we are on with the class!!

Project #3 - 1.0 Ver. (2020) 

My projects (Updated) - image 4 - student project

 I Worked on the project again. This time, I just did something simple, using the pictures I have, it was more of a practice to get ready for the next lesson, and I did it without watching the lesson, so I guess that's a plus.

Project #3 - 2.0 Ver. (2021)

My projects (Updated) - image 5 - student project


I did the Poker App; it was easy and somewhat annoying to get done. I didn’t have fun with it because I wouldn't say I like poker. I was not feeling so productive because of that. Still, it does need to be done.

Project #4 - 1.0 Ver. (2020) - MOST HATED PROJECT.

I'll skip this project, and I'll not do a (2021 2.0 Ver)

My projects (Updated) - image 6 - student project


So I finished training and exercise for lesson #4. It went well, it took some time, but it was fine, I’m working on it while I’m in the hospital, so I guess I got to a point where I can explore and know what to do and learn new tips tricks. However, I still don’t make the app works with every interface. Still, I need to learn how to adjust sizes for individual devices. I know that each device is not the same. Still, in general, I want to know how to do that because the *"classes thing" I’m not too fond of that much, but so far, so good.

The course has been going well; I’m actually learning and thinking if I need to get a new MacBook Pro 2020 or not, since the one I have is from 2017 (Spoiler: I got the 16" for $5000 Fully Speced out then got an M1 Macbook Air Fully Speced out as well), I know I’m only learning, It would work just fine, but I would like to change and upgrade anyway, but I want to think about that for the future since I don't have the money now, but so I won't get sidetracked, the class has been going well. 

Project #5 - 1.0 Ver. (2020) 

My projects (Updated) - image 7 - student project

My projects (Updated) - image 8 - student project


So I did the project again, and to be honest I had the most fun with this one, but I figured while doing that, that I suck at doing the stacks, and maybe doing stacks using SwiftUI is much easier and smooth. I mean, I can slap HStack {

//Something you put here for the stack, and you'll be done.


and Be done with the whole thing, Yet I like the progress so far, and I have been doing better and better; this course is more than worth it at this point, but coming into it knowing the basics really helps. 


I went with a cleaner look for the project than what is requested, and I stick with my Anime themed apps since that is what I want to build app wise anyway. 

Project #5 - 2.0 Ver. (2021) 

My projects (Updated) - image 9 - student projectMy projects (Updated) - image 10 - student project


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