My first copywrite project ever!

My first copywrite project ever! - student project

Please be kind, as this is the first time I have ever made a course in copywriting.

I do have a website with hosting in bluehost, my intent at the beginning was to make an affiliate marketing website, but since I want to jump into the writing business as a freelancer, I would like some advice.

I'm I able to do both on this website? my niche in affiliate marketing is how to make money online with different methods and I would like to freelance for business owners and startup that are into my same niche, and they would like some help with their content.

I would highly appreciate any feedback, please. 

ps: I also know is 5 templates but I really didn't know what else to write


Template #1:


The work at home tv offers Quality Content that converts for startup founders and small business owners, who want to grow their audience and profits online.

Unlike other freelancers, we provide content that is SEO friendly and native English with excellent grammar.



Template #2:


Forget about content that doesn’t convert for you. At The work at home tv, we offer marketing articles for startup founders and small business owners.



Template #3:



We help for startup founders and small business owners grow their audience and turn them into buyers with affordable marketing articles.




Template #4:

Unlimited and on time support are just some of the reasons why more
business owners choose to work with Gineska Fernandez.