My Grandfather's war diary (World War II)

My Grandfather's war diary (World War II) - student project

As per Jenn's suggestion, I decided to work on my own content straight away as I had a simple website that I wanted to create. (If I hadn't had my own project I would have used Jenn's guided sample project for sure.)

You can see it evolving here:

First Day

This is my html after lesson 2, HTML Fundamentals:

And this is what it looked like:

Second Day

After lesson 3 'Marking up our content', my pages had moved on. At this stage, I haven't used all of the entities and tags that Jenn mentions in this lesson but have kept a note for when I need them. I have realised that I don't have all my 'assets' gathered: all the links, photos and other documents I want to include on my pages.

I now have three pages:

This is the HTML for my homepage (index.html) 

Which looks like this:

Page 2, the actual diary content, currently looks like this in HTML:

but reads like this:

My third page is rather smaller at the moment:

It just has some links: