My First Cross Stitch!!

My First Cross Stitch!! - student project

Here is my finished design!!! I did it!! My very own stitched hoop art:)

Doing cross stitches was incredibly relaxing; every stitch came so naturally to me and even when the frog came for a visit more times than I wished it had haha, it was all still so naturally part of the process. A couple of things:

1) Thank you for making this tutorial sooo easy to follow along and beginner-friendly!!

2) It should be part of the law for everyone to experience the loophole method at least once in their lifetimes. (the absolute best- blows my mind every time!)

3) I wasn't sure about my choice of colors at first, but it turned out to be just fine:))

4)The back part turned out to be harder than the front haha, but still totally worth it

5) Can't wait to hang this hoop up in my dorm room and hop on to your other tutorials!

6) I'll definitely be referencing your video a whole lot in days to come;)

Thank you Dana for introducing me to the precious art that is hand embroidery <3