Moodboards - Color Palette Study For My Brand

Moodboards - Color Palette Study For My Brand - student project


Hi, Lindsay! Thank you for this class, it was super fun! 

I'm an artist and also a teacher at Skillshare. I want to create a consistent brand to take my business to the next level. 

I created four moodboards and I'm having a hard time picking one. I'd love to hear some feedback on the moodboards and colors palettes, as well as an advice on which one to choose for my brand. 


1) This one was inspired by my dream studio. My dream studio is bright, airy, white and with lots of plants and wood. I like this one because it's beautiful, minimalistic and the colors are easy to match.


2) For this one I wanted to create something funny, energetic and exciting. It was inspired by my favorite color, red. I think this would inspire my students to learn and would communication my passion and escitement for learning and teaching art. I really like this one, but I'm afraid it1s gonna be too many colors, too much information, and it's gonna be hard to match. 


3) I created this one because the colors are very beautiful and easy to match. I really like warm colors, they look comfy and elegant. I think this palette would not work for my brand, though. 

4) This last one was inspired by two clothes I have (a bright, red coat and a checked blue skirt) and my favorite movie, Submarine.  I really like this palette, but I'm not sure if has an artsy mood. 

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