Miracle Whip and Reuben UPDATE!

Miracle Whip and Reuben UPDATE! - student project

Since I cannot create 2 projects, I'll roll everything into one. First is the NEW Reuben test, and second is the original Miracle Whip test.


I really like Reubens, and what better than to extend the grilled cheese project to include a Reuben with homemade Sauerkraut.

Instead of Miracle Whip or Mayo on the outside of the bread, I used Thousand Island dressing. It works great, but you may wish to pick off the bits of pickle. And make sure there is a little fat/oil in it--don't get non-fat. I made this Reuben with rye bread, Thousand Island Dressing, smoked sliced turkey, grated Swiss Cheese, and homemade (red cabbage) sauerkraut. The bit of uneven-ness in the browning was from a bit of stray sauerkraut. And of course if you want to make your own sauerkraut, see my "Let's Make Sauerkraut" class for instructions.


As I mentioned in the Community Forum, I have never been a fan of mayo, but I like Miracle Whip. So when my daughter wanted a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, she became our guinea pig. We only had Monterey Jack on hand, so it's just a single-cheese sandwich, but we grated the cheese, and used the Miracle Whip on the outside.

Her verdict: crispy and gooey goodness!

My observations: definitely easier to melt the cheese without burning the bread. Nice even browning.

and half-way through cooking....the sandwich didn't stay on the plate long enough for a picture of the finished sandwich.

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