Melted Snowmen Hostess Gift

Melted Snowmen Hostess Gift - student project

I made a plate of melted snowmen for a family gathering over Christmas as a hostess gift.

First, they were super fun to make. I've seen other variations on this theme, but the clever way of making the hats with gold chocolate coins for the hat brims was unique and worked really well.

Second, they turned out great and were a really fun addition to the gathering. I hunted down white chocolate chips that were actually made with cocoa butter, which I think was a worthy touch.

The one variation I'll probably do next time is instead of using pure white chocolate for the melted snow puddle I think I'll make sugar cookies and then use either a thin coating of white chocolate or white icing over the cookie. Then I'll place the candy pieces and pretzels.

Overall really fun project with great instructions and clever solutions to the hat and nose pieces.

Melted Snowmen Hostess Gift - image 1 - student project