Meditation Journal

Meditation Journal - student project


Day 1

18th April 2019


2 minutes

Highlights: Hearing the birds singing outside

Issues/questions:  Seemed to go very quickly.  I was worried that I would be startled by the alarm


Day 2

19th April 2019


2 minutes

Highlights:  Day 2 ! :)

Issues/questions: I hear a lot of planes in the sky, this distracted me because there were so many. I was wondering why.

Also, I actually was a bit uncomfortable.  My shoulders felt heavy.


Day 3

20th April 2019


2 minutes

Highlights:  I meditated outside today.  It was lovely to feel the breeze in my hair :)

Issues/questions:  Lawnmower noise!!!


Day 4

21st April 2019


3 minutes

Highlights: More easily cussed on my breath

Issues/questions: It went quickly again! Must be getting better at this!


Day 5

22nd April 2019


3 minutes

Highlights: Getting more used to meditating

Issues/questions: Don't meditate on an empty stomach!