Meditation Challenge

Meditation Challenge - student project

Meditation Challenge - image 1 - student project

I can see why this is a challenge if you're not used to meditation. I'm new to it, I'm trying to be more mindful. After 7 days of doing this, I think I'm getting better about it. I like the app she suggested and use it to time the meditations, but sometimes I've tried one of the ones included in the class. I did go 6 days straight - including one session mindfully accepting that my kids are young and yes they're distracting but I can still do a standing tree meditation for a few minutes while they're doing something else (hopefully). It is what it is. I gave myself grace when I missed one day messing up my streak - but went right to it the next day and that's ok. The meal meditation so far has been my least favorite - I should be more mindful when I eat and maybe I'll explore why it bothers me so much after another try at it in the future.

I'm going to continue doing the 21 days, and I will use the guided ones provided in this class, I find them very helpful to help me from being distracted by the noise of the world around me.